I'm getting vaccinated

Posted by nickm on 30 April 2021

20-20-24 hours to go,
I'm getting vaccinated,
Nothing to do, nowhere to go
Till I get vaccinated

So stick me with a sequence
and let it take effect
I'll make some spiky proteins
My T cells can detect
(But I'm no bio expert
That might not be correct)
Oh no-oh-oh-oh-oh!

mRNA, oh mRNA:
lipid encapsulated
So every dose has endocytosis,
Receptor mediated.

So stick me in a muscle,
I'm sick of this virome
I can't control my fingers,
much less my ribosomes.
I hope the nurse won't mind if
I'm humming the Ramones
Oh no-oh-oh-oh-oh!

(My second appointment is tomorrow. Good luck to everybody else getting your vaccines!)