Learning The Alphabet

Posted by nickm on 3 May 2021

A for Paper.

B for Dam.

C for Explosive.

D for a Station.

E for Diethel.

F for International.

G for Says.

H for Majority.

I for the Engine Driver.

J for Passing.

K for Spelunking.

L for Hobbit.

M for Zima.

N for Rents.

O for Tuna.

P for a Drug Test.

Q for Billiards.

R for King of the Britons.

S for Dad.

T for Lymphocyte.

U for Rhea.

V for La Revolucion.

W for Form.

X for Sensory.

Y for Goodness Sake.

Z for Wroth.

Variations on this theme have been done for a long time, sometimes called The Cockney Alphabet or A Surrealist Alphabet. I first saw it done in I Saw Esau by Opie & Opie.