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A little link directory

Here's an increasingly large pile of bookmarks. Most of these are semi-curated backups of my old, old bookmark files from web browsers I don't use any more, on computers that haven't worked for years. I'm putting them here for now, since the search ecosystem is increasingly bad, and Internet Archive links are not always easy to find.

Links aren't endorsements, obviously. Some of this stuff is only here so I can remember that once, decades ago, I was the kind of person who thought it was neat.


About me

Computers, technology, and the internet

Software engineering

Technical blogs

Entertaining things

Literature, writing, stories


Funny (?) stuff

Or in some cases, things I thought were funny 25 years ago.

Tabletop RPGs


(Old RPG humor, some of it wildly dated or awful.)

Go (the game)

Other games

History and the like

Serious things

News I sometimes check

About mental and emotional health

Politics and law

  • Groklaw used to cover important civil liberties liberties stuff.

Stuff in my area

Local weather

Local comics stores I like

Local bookstores I like

Local theater schedules

Art/Lit discussion and criticism

Film review (more or less serious)

Literary discussion, analysis, criticism

  • Columbia University's "Digital Dante" resources.
  • Zompist, a blog with good book reviews. The website also has interesting conlang resources and an archive of the DFC.


  • Making Light had (has?) an amazing community, and so much science fiction/cultural stuff.

Art/literature Blogging

Misc defunct things

Defunct blogs